A Boy Named Gavin

Skills: Animation, Illustration

The story of Gavin Grimm is a powerful story of struggle that no teenager should have to go through. I got to art direct and animate on this project with the always talented Dave Ellington and Joseph Le. Led by even more talent of Elyse Kelly, Dan Fipphen and Alex Herder, this piece helped bring Gavin’s story to life.

Some concept artwork when we were first starting out.

Some additional stills from the video.

Created at The Duke and The Duck
Client: ACLU
Director & Producer: Elyse Kelly
Story editor & Co-producer: Dan Fipphen
Art director & Lead animator: Hannah Churn
Animation & Design: Hannah Churn | Dave Ellington | Joseph Le
Music: Brooke Blair & Will Blair
Audio post facility: MeanGreen Media
Sound design & mix: Chris Mastellone